A culture of craftsmanship

Our business is all about connecting homeowners with trustworthy, reliable tradesmen. The best tradesmen see their work as a craft. This is our attitude, as well. Each day, we strive to perfect our craft, to create a product and service that is truly exceptional.

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We get excited about the challenges and opportunities of a web startup - balancing the needs of the business, the users, performance, scalability and maintainability. We believe that a small team filled with smart and passionate people can accomplish more than an average team ten times the size. Great people make the difference.

Work harder you fiends!


Nothing is more important than the people in our team. We only hire the best because we know that you can't build a world class company without a world class team. We also want to enjoy what we do, and that means working with other people who enjoy what they do. We're intrinsically motivated by our work, whether it's design, software engineering, marketing or customer service.

We work hard, but that doesn't mean it's all work and no play.

With a well stocked kitchen, ice cream maker, lunch time basketball and even an office bar, we make sure work is a pleasure. We work well together because we play well together.

We work at the centre of the universe*

*At least London certainly feels that way.

We reckon that if you spend this much time working, you might as well enjoy it. We do everything we can to enjoy work, and we’ve deliberately planted ourselves in Clerkenwell, London. We're within walking distance of several incredible coffee shops, we only drink amazing beer, and Whitecross Market has spoiled our taste buds... but who can blame us? Come hang out and you'll soon agree.