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MyBuilder is an online marketplace dedicated to helping homeowners find quality tradespeople through the power of online reviews. We are a hard working, close-knit team dedicated to creating an incredible product. Our headquarters reflect our unique culture; we have an office bar, a staff band, darts and table football, and a volunteer lunch team.

Our Community Manager has moved on, so we’re looking for someone to step in and engage the thousands of tradespeople who use MyBuilder to find work around the UK. Are you a creative people person with a strong marketing brain, experienced in social media and event organisation? Read on…

What You’ll Be Up To

As Community Manager, you will spend your time building relationships with our tradespeople - via social media, email and in real life. Championing our tradespeople is core to our business and you will be their cheerleader!

You’ll be in charge of our social media channels, sharing interesting news, writing content and running competitions. ‘Tradesman of The Month’ road trips will have you meeting and interviewing our tradespeople, then writing all about your experience for other trades to read.

We like to reward our tradespeople, so you’ll be in charge of merchandise too. We’ve made t-shirts, mugs, van stickers and all manner of other things to giveaway when we can. We’re also very keen on expanding our live events, having already had two successful nights out on the booze in Liverpool and London!

We like to try new ideas too, so your creative input will be instrumental to the growth of the community.

Are you right for the role?

Do you have an outgoing personality? Could you strike up a conversation in an empty room? Good! Tradespeople can be hard to please, so you to be able to build instant rapport and show genuine understanding for an often maligned profession.

Social media and the internet will be second nature to you. You’ll have outstanding writing skills, knowing how to adapt your tone between social, newsletters and blog.

Dedication, creativity and a sense of humour are all traits we cherish. It’s a hard slog because we expect the best from our team. But it’s all worth it for a fun working environment, great colleagues and knowing what a difference we make in the building industry.

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We are an equal opportunities employer and welcome applications from all suitably qualified persons regardless of their race, colour, ethnicity, ancestry, national origin, religion, sex, gender, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, age, disability, or marital status.

How to apply

We have filled this role and are not currently looking. However you are welcome to send in your CV for us to keep on file.

This position is closed

Sorry, this position is closed. Please see other roles listed here.

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