There’s no getting around it; there’s too much marketing these days. It’s on your TV. It’s on your Twitter feed. It’s plastered over double decker buses. Marketing is everywhere, and more people than ever are desperate to get away from it.

So if you have a brilliant product you want to shout about, how do you make yourself heard to people who don’t want to listen? Our answer is to have a product that is truly worth sharing, and a team that passionately believes in it. At the heart of MyBuilder are the people; the desperate homeowners and the skilful tradesmen. From them come the stories; life-saving electricians fixing the dangerous wiring in an elderly person’s home, or gardeners giving their time for free to help a disabled girl play outside safely for the first time. Every day, there are thousands of jobs posted on MyBuilder, and thousands of tradesmen around the country coming to the rescue.

When you see these stories first hand, you’ll want to share them too. Becoming emotionally involved is an occupational hazard - from time to time, you’ll even find us out on a building site ourselves, getting our own hands dirty. We do it because we care, and because we believe in taking the time to get things right. We work quickly, but we work carefully. We know, like our tradesman, that we can always learn, and can always improve. Most importantly, we know that we’re only as good as our last job.

Because of that attitude, we can say we’re proud of what we’ve achieved. In just the past few months, we’ve managed to create a brand new advice centre with comprehensive hiring articles; posted our best ever paid search results with record low CPAs, run home improvement giveaways with huge link-building success; and launched a successful TV ad campaign. And that’s just the beginning of what we want to do.

Getting these things done means having the right people. Right now, the team is made up of ex-journalists, PPC pros, events experts and even an in-house photographer to document the journey. We care about people, and we want the team to grow, but quality will always matter more than quantity. We want people who will take the time to do a job properly, people who can step back at the end of the day and know that they’ve done something great. An aptitude for table football would be good as well, but hey, nobody’s perfect.

We have a product we believe in, we have stories worth telling, and we have a fridge full of cold beer. There may be too much marketing out there, but there’s not enough of what we do.

Meet the team

Everyone in marketing comes from a different background, but we're united in our passion for telling the MyBuilder story.

Josh Farrington