Valuing the right things

At MyBuilder, we try to embody these values day in, day out. Our values influence the way in which we work and how we interact with each other. As with most things in life, they are a work in progress.

1. Dedication

Dedication is the single most important ingredient of any successful pursuit. Dedication implies a belief in what you’re doing and a willingness to prioritise and sacrifice. This drives focus, hard work, excellence, and therefore, success. MyBuilder tradespeople are dedicated to their craft. And we are dedicated to them.

2. Work with purpose

Purpose is about why you do the particular thing you do and how it contributes to the company and the world. Everything you do should be able to ladder up to something big that you believe in.

3. Try new things & learn from mistakes

When we fail at something, we can have two very different reactions: we could kick ourselves for being so stupid, or we could pat ourselves on the back for trying, and keep at it. Readily admitting mistakes and not trying to prove that we’re right is the mark of someone who lives this value. Out of that comes a greater ability to learn and work with others.

4. DIY attitude

We could be like most companies and hire specialists to do everything that we’re not experts at or don’t feel like doing. Instead, we choose to do most of these things ourselves. Sometimes that means we find ourselves doing seemingly low-value tasks. That’s OK. We don’t say that our time is worth more than doing these tasks. And we value the learning experiences that come with doing something different because they enrich our lives and encourage us to value all types of work.

5. Transparency, openness, respect

Teams work better when people communicate well with each other. When things need to be said, say them. Don’t hold back on delivering a hard truth because you’re worried about how someone might react. And don’t hold back on praising someone because you might feel embarrassed. Try to share your feelings and always do that with respect to others. Communicating well is a practised art and, as with most things, takes a bit of courage too.

6. Share ideas (with humility)

It’s not the initial idea that’s so important, but the ability to sift through lots of ideas and work with others to uncover and polish the gems. Humility is the key, not only in discussing your own ideas but also in listening to the ideas of others.

7. Be scrappy & productive

To be really effective, we have to be determined to get things done, and smart enough to find an efficient way to do them. We have to try to fit things in, rather than wait until we have plenty of time. This also involves prioritising ruthlessly, being creative, and taking risks. We should try to do things better, rather than blindly doing things the way they’ve always been done.

8. Act like an owner

Acting like an owner starts with putting the team and company first. We should all work for the good of the company as if we own it. This attitude will help us prioritise the right things, produce high-quality work and spend company money like it’s our own.