Customer Service

Business sense

At MyBuilder, we refer to our customer service team as our ‘eyes and ears’. The service team helps us connect with our customers, and that’s why we keep them at the core of our team. The fact that our entire organisation is customer focused has been one of the key ingredients to our success.

Talking to the trades

Tradesmen aren’t your run of the mill customers. They’re a unique group of people, and we have to work hard to stay connected to them. We have customer service days so that all team members can deal with our trade customers, and we hang out with them as much as possible. We’ve even been known to ‘accidentally’ break things in our office so we can get them fixed by a MyBuilder trade.

Technology dilemma

Throughout history businesses have had face-to-face contact with every customer they served. What an interesting time we live in that direct customer contact isn’t necessary anymore. The web is an exciting place, but we have this challenge that ‘bricks and mortar’ businesses don’t have: when and how to interact with our customers.

The challenge is to find a way that suits both MyBuilder and its customers. Sometimes there are compromises, but we want those to be deliberate and carefully considered.

The Referee

Since we’re a marketplace, a lot of the enquiries we get from our users are issues they have with other users. Sometimes the relationship between homeowner and builder gets difficult, and that’s when the service role heats up. We have to set out the rules of the game and stick to them. Occasionally we need to issue yellow cards and sometimes even red cards. Being a referee is a hard job, but it’s all part of the game.