Customer Service

When you become part of the customer service team at MyBuilder, you join a group of friendly individuals who genuinely care about helping others and delivering a memorable support experience. Our working practices are based on common sense and good judgement, not conventional wisdom. We’re a customer service team with real purpose and we want like-minded people to join us.

Service rebooted

This is no contact centre. We believe that the best conversations come from a personal connection, not a script. We think great service doesn’t mean that the customer is always right. We’re respectful and fair but don’t pander to unreasonable requests. We favour knowledge and guidance over rules because our colleagues do best when given the freedom to make their own decisions.

Robots need not apply

Our service team is made up of amazing individuals. We are musicians, tradespeople, financial services and stand-up comedians. Gallows humour comes as standard, we have opinions, love to chat and enjoy the occasional drink after work. Passion, personality and a solid work ethic trump qualifications every time.

Technology champions

As a software company, we love discovering new ways of using technology and data to help us deliver great service. From figuring out how to better prioritise important tickets to helping our trade customers calculate potential earnings, tech has helped us solve problems, work more efficiently and add value. And we’re lucky to be supported by our brilliant team of software developers who keep MyBuilder running flawlessly day and night.

Continuous improvement

We work well together. We share knowledge and promote peer-to-peer QA feedback because it helps us improve and benefits our customers. Training and personal development is taken seriously at MyBuilder. However you want to grow, we’ll help you get there with open access to online courses, books and other resources.

Our teams

Support Team Photo

Support is the friendly face our customers turn to when they need help using MyBuilder. We take pride in understanding the person behind each case, figuring out and solving problems in a professional manner. We are dedicated to delivering a quality experience that makes a real difference, positively impacting the lives, and fortunes, of our users.

Disputes Team Photo

If a home improvement job doesn’t go to plan, the Disputes team are here to help our customers get things back on track. No matter how big or small the problem, our advisors are dedicated to helping homeowners and tradespeople find solutions. And if we can’t help people resolve their differences, we give the best advice to help our customers understand all of their options.

Jobs Team Photo

The Jobs team makes sure that all jobs posted on the site are well described and correctly categorised. Every job passes human eyes and if more detail is needed, a member of our team will get in touch with the homeowner to find out more information about their job. Visit the Jobs team page to find out more.

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We can't always give the customer what they want but we always strive to give them what they need.

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