The team

We use the word “team” deliberately, and we choose our team carefully. Each team member is amazing at their job and has worked hard to become so. Of course, none of us is perfect. That’s OK, because our aim is to bring out the best in one another. We believe that striving to be the best makes our lives more rewarding and exciting.


I travel around the UK taking pictures and videos, documenting happy tradesmen and homeowners.


I work for the jobs team. I read and price jobs, call home owners for extra information, so tradesmen have the best leads and right information.


My days are fulfilled, retaining the best tradesmen & helping homeowners to have a fabulous experience is very rewarding


A little bit of everything so users and employees of MyBuilder enjoy their experience.


With my +3 insight check, I make sure only the best tradespeople make it on to MyBuilder.


I make sure we're working on the right projects at the right time, to help the business and our customers.


Everyday I translate ideas into code that helps you get the most from the site.


I am the only man (help) in the new and ever growing Washington office team, helping tradesmen at various points of their journey with us get off to the best start possible.


I'm responsible for finding the most talented people to come work for the very best!


I fight evil bugs and do magic with code.


My Amazing story is I love to fish for carp


I help solve business problems, striving to use the best software design principles and write the cleanest code.


I think the Angel of the North is amazing


I organise events and competitions to bring more homeowners and super tradesmen together.


I make sure that the tech team runs efficiently, errors are minimised, the site is always available and your emails, SMS and phone calls arrive quickly.


I'm here to help anyone using MyBuilder to post a job, and with anything that happens afterwards.


I like asking questions. That's why I help create the evaluations tradesmen have to answer when signing up for MyBuilder'.


I’m on the Trade Success team, we’re here to help new tradesmen find their feet and get the most out of MyBuilder.


I manage the trade success team who are here to help great tradesmen succeed. I may struggle to change a light bulb, but I’ll always provide a professional and helpful response to any queries thrown my way.


I write our newsletters, advice articles, and any other words that need writing, to show off our great tradesmen, and help homeowners find the right one for them.


When I'm not helping tradesmen I can usually be found with my head in a book...or the fridge. I have a diet coke dependency.


I manage the jobs team. We work around the clock reviewing the jobs that homeowners post on the site, applying the right fee and getting them out to our tradesmen.


I research and write assessment content for our trade evaluations, ensuring our screening processes sort the wheat from the chaff. When not hard at work I can be found making tea, on squash courts or in the pub.


I review jobs posted by homeowners and set lead fees for the work along with many other things including responding to emails, moderate certain areas of the site, drink tea and eat cake…..I do like to eat cake!


I approve some of the thousands of jobs we receive every day making sure they are placed correctly for homeowners and tradesmen alike.


I live to serve. Big fan of gammon.


Cycling is my Jam! oh and running


I like to write code because it distracts me from the large heap of bike parts under my desk.


Lovingly listening to, advising and supporting the tradesmen and homeowners using MyBuilder.


I founded MyBuilder in 2004 and continue to run the business, trying my best to learn and grow along with it.


I work on the jobs team; checking, updating and approving jobs posted by homeowners, to ensure every lead we send to our tradespeople is tip top and has all the information needed.


I spend my day speaking to tradesmen to help them get off to the best start on MyBuilder.


I work in Trade Quality, screening tradesmen to make sure they’re of suitable character and ability to work with MyBuilder. I’m known around the office as “The Judge” because of my strict but fair decisions. This may or may not be true.


I'm responsible for converting coffee into awesome software - Lots and lots of it.


I work from home and am responsible for supporting the Trade Team. I mainly work on ID checks, Insurance and References. I enjoy being based at home but absolutely love getting into the office too.


I once balanced five Polo's on my elbow for twenty seconds


Resident pixel pusher. I make our products look great and make sure they're a pleasure to use, no matter what device you are accessing them from.