Download a copy to manage with git


In order to run and develop the careers site, you’ll need Jekyll gem installed and Node with Gulp task manager for compiling/watching assets.


Install/Update rvm

If you don’t have rvm:

\curl -sSL | bash

If you have, then update to latest stable version:

rvm get stable

Install Ruby 2.x (currently 2.5)

rvm install ruby-2.x
rvm use ruby-2.x

Note: if you get an error on rvm use ruby-2.x then close your terminal window and open a new one.

Install Jekyll

As we use Github Pages to host the blog, you can use the following gem to setup and maintain a local Jekyll environment in sync with theirs.

gem install github-pages

Install Node.js (if not already installed)

You will need to have homebrew installed before running this command

brew install node

Install Gulp as global task manager

npm install -g gulp

Install the project node depedencies

cd to the root of the repository and run the following:

npm install

Running Node server

You can serve the site using gulp or jekyll at localhost on port 4000

gulp serve


jekyll serve

The site should be available at http://localhost:4000


Once you have all the things configured, is pretty easy to develop the site. In order to watch or process assets you have to run the next command into the repo

gulp watch

If you are not working with assets you can serve and watch for post changes using Jekyll

Jekyll serve --watch

It can also be useful to only process certain types of files, that can be done with the following commands

gulp styles
gulp script
gulp images
gulp build # this will run a jekyll build and process all assets