Trade Quality

MyBuilder was created with one ‘simple’ mission; to help homeowners find great tradespeople and help great tradespeople succeed. There are many factors involved in making this work, but one that’s key to our success is how we vet and monitor tradespeople. This is exactly what the Trade Quality team at MyBuilder do. We are at the top of the funnel, making sure only experienced, quality tradespeople join our site.

Protectors of the realm

We not only screen each person who joins the site, performing background research, identity checks, etc., but continually monitor to ensure top-notch quality. Our proprietary tracking technology enables us to identify dodgy activity: suspicious accounts, fake feedback, and inappropriate content. It’s our job to make sure that MyBuilder stays safe and reliable for everyone. We are the investigators and protectors of the site; each member of the Trade Quality team employs exceptional attention to detail to monitor the use of the site and the feedback system.

Quality requires teamwork

Our team centres around creating, delivering, and maintaining quality. To do this, we need everyone on the team working together. We respect and value each other’s opinions, share insights, solve problems and make sure our standards are being upheld. This means that while we trust each other to work independently, many of our toughest decisions are made after careful consideration and thought-provoking discussion together as a group. Quality cannot be done in isolation.

Aided by technology

In order for us to do our job well, we need the best technology to support us. We work closely with our brilliant team of software developers who keep MyBuilder running flawlessly day and night. The tech team not only creates critical features that help our users post jobs and find work, but they also create and maintain the tools that help us do our job.

With the help of tech, we upped our quality game this year by building a unique system for evaluating trade knowledge and expertise across all of our trade categories. We regularly update these evaluations to ensure only the very best tradespeople can join and continue to use our site. Our tech team also built sophisticated monitoring tools that allow us to easily find fake feedback or detect suspicious activity on the site. It’s a core part of our job to work with tech and help develop these tools.

We’re a fun-loving bunch

While we take service seriously, we’re a friendly, affable, and diverse team. We love what we do, debate decisions on a daily basis, and enjoy a pint after work. And just like our Customer Service colleagues, passion, personality, and a solid work ethic trump qualifications every time. Robots need not apply.

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The quality of the tradespeople using MyBuilder is critical to the positive reputation and continued success of the site.

Finn, Customer Operations Associate

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