We help homeowners choose great builders,
and we help great builders succeed

We help homeowners choose great builders,
and we help great builders succeed

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Why work at MyBuilder?

Nothing is more important than the people in our team. We only hire the best because we know that you can't build a world class company without a world class team. We also want to enjoy what we do, and that means working with other people who enjoy what they do. We're intrinsically motivated by our work, whether it's design, software engineering, marketing or customer service.

We get excited about the challenges and opportunities of a web startup - balancing the needs of the business, the users, performance, scalability and maintainability. We believe that a small team filled with smart and passionate people can accomplish more than an average team ten times the size. Great people make the difference.

MyBuilder is driven by a strong belief in the principle that if a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well. As a business we value creative thinking and welcome candidates with the skills to challenge conventional wisdom, to think again and harness their imagination and ingenuity. These values, shared by all of us, make it an exciting - and rewarding - place to work.

Ryan Notz, Founder and CEO


Tech & Product

At MyBuilder, we believe strongly in good quality code, a craftsperson attitude to engineering our code and systems, and continuous learning and improvements. Our systems have developed our own knowledge and experience, and we constantly evolve our tech to match the needs of the business.


Like any team, great results depend on having the right mix of people, all pulling in the same direction. We’re made up of ex-journalists, PPC pros, events experts and even a world-class photojournalist. While we’ve all come to MyBuilder with vastly different experiences, there’s one thing we all believe in - and it’s fast becoming the unifying brand truth behind our marketing: if a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well.

Trade Quality

We not only screen each person who joins the site, performing background research, identity checks, etc., but continually monitor to ensure top-notch quality. Our proprietary tracking technology enables us to identify dodgy activity: suspicious accounts, fake feedback, and inappropriate content. It’s our job to make sure that MyBuilder stays safe and reliable for everyone. We are the investigators and protectors of MyBuilder.
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Customer Service

When you become part of the customer service team at MyBuilder, you join a group of friendly individuals who genuinely care about helping others and delivering a memorable support experience. Our working practices are based on common sense and good judgement, not conventional wisdom. We’re a customer service team with real purpose and we want like-minded people to join us.


No two days are the same at MyBuilder, and you'll never hear the words, 'Not my job'. This is true for everyone who works here, especially the ops team. Made up of finance, legal, recruiting, and general office management, the ops team makes sure that the company is not only functioning but thriving, keeping the fridge stocked, running events, and maintaining a healthy pipeline of candidates.
  • No current vacancies


The Jobs team is located in Washington, Newcastle. They make sure all jobs posted on the site are well described and correctly categorised. Every job passes human eyes and if more detail is needed, a member of our team will get in touch with the homeowner to find out more information about their job.


London office

Our London office is in the heart of Dickensian Clerkenwell, a short hop from Farringdon station amid some of the best pubs, restaurants and coffee shops in London. Exmouth Market is on our doorstep, but if you just want to hang out in the office, that’s fine too - we have two floors stuffed with high-end tech, an espresso machine, fridges packed with snacks and drinks, and lots of games to play.

Tyne & Wear office

Nestled between the historic cathedral city of Durham, the vibrant cultural buzz of Newcastle and the stunning scenery of the coastline, you’re guaranteed a warm, friendly north east welcome at our Washington office, home to the Jobs team. Perfectly located for local transport links and with plenty of free parking, our modern, bright and breezy office is a hub of activity. Whether you enjoy culture, the great outdoors or want to sample the infamous nightlife of Newcastle, our Washington office is in easy reaching distance to the best the North East has to offer.