We help homeowners choose great builders,
and we help great builders succeed

We help homeowners choose great builders,
and we help great builders succeed

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Why work at MyBuilder?

Nothing is more important than the people in our team. We only hire the best because we know that you can't build a world class company without a world class team. We also want to enjoy what we do, and that means working with other people who enjoy what they do. We're intrinsically motivated by our work, whether it's design, software engineering, marketing or customer service.

We get excited about the challenges and opportunities of a web startup - balancing the needs of the business, the users, performance, scalability and maintainability. We believe that a small team filled with smart and passionate people can accomplish more than an average team ten times the size. Great people make the difference.

Ryan Notz, Founder and CEO


London office

Our London office is in the heart of Dickensian Clerkenwell, a short hop from Farringdon station amid some of the best pubs, restaurants and coffee shops in London. Exmouth Market is on our doorstep, but if you just want to hang out in the office, that’s fine too - we have two floors stuffed with high-end tech, an espresso machine, fridges packed with snacks and drinks, and lots of games to play.

Tyne & Wear office

Washington Tyne and Wear is the home of our Jobs Team. They are responsible for reviewing all jobs posted on the site and ensuring they are sent to the right Tradespeople so our homeowner customers have the best experience using MyBuilder.